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2012/2013 Applied Sciences Master Applied Physics
AP3171 D
Advanced Physical Transport Phenomena
Responsible Instructor
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Dr.ing. S. Kenjeres    S.Kenjeres@tudelft.nl
Name E-mail
Dr.ir. M.J. Tummers    M.J.Tummers@tudelft.nl
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Course Contents
Analytical/Numerical/Modelling Aspects of Advanced Physical Transport Phenomena (Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer and Turbulence):
1.Basic Equations of Transport Phenomena - Field Description;
2.Mathematical Methods for Solving Transport Equations (PDE, separation of variables, eigenfunctions and eigenvalues, Bessel functions, Laplace transformation, Error-Gamma functions, integral methods)
3.Transport in Stagnant Media
(diffusion, moving front problems, diffusion with source terms)
4.Momentum Transport (potential flows, creeping flows, boundary layers)
5.Transport in Flowing Media (stationary transport in flows with uniform velocity, heat transfer in laminar pipe flow, natural convection)
6.Numerical Heat and Fluid Flow (discretization methods for heat conduction, convection and diffusion; differencing schemes, numerical diffusion; steady and time-dependent convection and diffusion; calculation of flow field/velocity-pressure coupling, SIMPLE algorithm)
7.Turbulence: Some Features and Rationale for Modelling (some generic types of turbulent flows and convective processes, wall-bounded turbulent flows: velocity and temperature distributions/wall functions, Reynolds decomposition, RANS)
8.Turbulence Modelling (closure problem, eddy viscosity/diffusivity models, k-e model, other two-equation eddy-viscosity models)

Education Method
Combination of Lectures (4 Lectures per week) (covering theoretical aspects) and practical exercises (both analytical and computational/computer exercises, 3 Hours per week)
Literature and Study Materials
1. Book: "Analysis and Modelling of Physical Transport Phenomena", Hanjalic K.,Kenjeres S.,Tummers M.J.,Jonker H.J.J., VSSD Book, ISBN-13 978-90-6526-165-8, First Edition, December 2007.
2. Book: "Transport Phenomena", Bird R.B.,Stewart W.E.,Lighfoot E.N.,2nd edition,Wiley (2002)
3. Book: "Fysische Transportverschijnselen II", Hoogendoorn C.J. and van der Meer, Th.H., Delftse Uitgevers Maatschappij (1991)
3. Handouts: For computational/computer exercises a reference manual and quick start manuals will be provided.
Writen Exam (2 times per year)