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2015/2016 Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science Master Media & Knowledge Engineering
Advanced Bioinformatics
Responsible Instructor
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T.E.P.M.F. Abeel    T.Abeel@tudelft.nl
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Dr. J. de Ridder    J.deRidder@tudelft.nl
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Bioinformatics is at the heart of many modern systems biology analyses, and encompasses the application of statistics and computer science to (large-scale) biomolecular datasets. In essence, bioinformatics is about smart ways of extracting knowledge from the enormous amounts of data that can be generated using modern measurement techniques. For instance, it plays an important role in finding the genetic origins of various diseases, such as cancer, diabetes or alzheimer.
Study Goals
After successfully completing this course, the student is able to:
understand several high-throughput experiments, such as microarrays, and next generation sequencing, and discuss the benefits and limitations of these methods
comprehend the statistical and computer science issues in analyzing high-throughput data
discuss the basic systems biology approach, and the role of
high-throughput measurements, gene selection and classification therein
read and comprehend a current paper on systems biology
Education Method
In this course we will study some key examples of bioinformatics analyses by reading a set of selected papers that present some significant biological conclusions. Instead of the teachers giving lectures about the methodologies, the students are stimulated to read, study and comprehend the available course material. To do so the following format has been chosen:
Each week there are one or two lectures, each of 45 minutes.
In each lecture one paper (the course material) will be discussed in detail.
One student will present and explain the details of this paper. It is essential that you highlight the (bioinformatics) methodology of the paper.
All students are expected to have read the paper and should have an active role in the discussion about the paper.
When the students in discussion with the teachers are not able to grasp the followed methodology in the paper, the teachers will explain this on the spot.
Each week, an exercise on one of the papers discussed will be handed out.
Written examination