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2015/2016 Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science Bachelor Electrical Engineering
ECTS: 30
Responsible Instructor
Name E-mail
Prof.dr.ir. P.M. Sarro    P.M.Sarro@tudelft.nl
Education Period
None (Self Study)
Start Education
Exam Period
Course Language
Required for
Electrical Engineering Bachelor Students
Expected prior knowledge
P Certificate obtained and 90 ECTS credited
Course Contents
To use an internship to look into career opportunities or Masters degree programmes following completion of the EEMCS Bachelor degree in question.

The aim is to have a description of the internship project well before the internship starts, the content of which can be discussed with the contact tutor.

Students who do an internship abroad are advised to follow a language course and the Intercultural Communication course.

More information can be found on:

www.stages.ewi.tudelft.nl > Internships > regulations
Study Goals
1. Module content objectives:
• To be able to apply acquired knowledge and skills at a sufficiently high level in a different situation (company, different university) from the one currently familiar (own university)

• To acquire new knowledge and skills quickly and effectively as required within the internship

• To look into specialisations for prospective MSc on one of the EEMCS faculty’s courses

2. Professional practice objectives:
• To obtain insight into the professional practice of engineers

• To obtain insight into the tasks and responsibilities of engineers in a company

• To look into career opportunities for students with a BSc from the EEMCS faculty

3. Socio-psychological objectives:
• To learn how to deal with a different culture (both in the company and outside it)

• To obtain insight into the company’s position compared to companies with a comparable product (competitive position)

• To deal with a different culture and language over a long period - if the internship is in a different country
Education Method
Literature and Study Materials

Internship regulations: Minor, Electrical Engineering Bachelor Students.

Website: http://Stages.ewi.tudelft.nl/

On this site also positions for Internships can be found.
Assessment takes place on the basis of the interview on admission, the interim report (end of October/beginning of November), the company assessment form, the evaluation report and the internship technical report.

The company assessment form (in Dutch or English) needs to be completed during the final week of the internship by the company supervisor. If the company offering the internship requires a report, this must be submitted for assessment prior to leaving the company.

The student lists his/her experiences and what has been learned in an evaluation report. The corresponding manual needs to be used when writing this report. The evaluation report is set by the Internship Officer.

At the EEMCS Faculty, the internship technical report is assessed by the contact tutor.

The company assessment form, the evaluation report and the internship technical report are to be submitted as quickly as possible and certainly within one month of the end of the internship to the Internship Officer.

The assessment and the corresponding number of credits are communicated to the student as soon as the reports are evaluated by the contact tutor and Internship Officer.