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2015/2016 Industrial Design Engineering IO Electives
Materials for Design
Responsible Instructor
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Dr. E. Karana    E.Karana@tudelft.nl
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Materials for Design (MfD) Course is an intrinsically and didactically attractive program with a strong focus on ‘material driven design’ and ‘materials experience’. Students learn a design method to facilitate designing for material experiences when a material is the departure point in the design process. Several projects, workshops and lectures are given to practice the design process when a particular material is the subject of the design effort.

The main aims of the course can be summarized as follows:
- generating knowledge on technical and experiential aspects of materials to be involved in the design process
- creating motivation for using different types of tools and methods in material driven design

The key questions for this course are:
1. How do we design meaningful experiences with and for emerging materials?
2. What are the current technologies and issues in materials for design (e.g. advanced materials, smart materials, bio-based materials, etc.)?
3. What are the tools and methods in understanding, selecting and designing with materials?
4. How can we find a meaningful application for a new material?
Study Goals
At the end of the course, students should
1: Identify the basic components of materials experience

2: Relate these components to technical material properties and other aspects of design (e.g. form, color, process, etc.)

3: Argue the new (emerging) materials and material technologies particularly from ‘materials experience’ perspective

4: Integrate the materials experience components in their design process

5: Design for material experiences with and for a material at hand

Education Method
Active learning methods, supported by hands on workshops, interactive lectures will be used in the course.

Computer Use
The use of Cambridge Engineering Selector (CES), Meanings of Materials (MoM) Tool, Material Explorer (Online Material Database) and various online materials selection tools
Literature and Study Materials
Required Course Book:

Karana E., Pedgley O., Rognoli V., (2014). Materials Experience: Fundamentals of Materials and Design, 1st Ed., Butterworth-Heinemann: Elsevier, UK.

Ashby, M. and K. Johnson, (2002) Materials and Design: The Art and Science of Material Selection in Product Design. 2002, Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann

Karana, E., Meanings of Materials, PhD Thesis. Design Engineering. 2009, Delft, ISBN 9789051550559: TU Delft

One main assignment with sub-deliverables is given in the course.
The assignment challenges the students to design with/for a material provided by material industries (e.g. smart textiles, bio-based plastics, etc.) for a meaningful material experience.

The final mark is calculated from sub-deliverables and should be 6 or higher.

There will be no examination in the course.
Enrolment / Application
A mandatory application for all courses (mandatory and electives courses) shall be made via the electronic applications system Osiris in the period that Osiris there to is opened. This period closes about 5 calendar weeks prior to the first day of the semester in which the programme starts; the faculty announces the exact deadline for application timely. The application for courses has to take place per semester, meaning for courses of 2 quarters at once.

See http://www.io.tudelft.nl/osiris for deadlines and details.

Maximum of 40 students