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2016/2017 Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science Master Computer Science
Seminar Web Information Systems
Responsible Instructor
Name E-mail
Prof.dr.ir. G.J.P.M. Houben    G.J.P.M.Houben@tudelft.nl
Contact Hours / Week x/x/x/x
Education Period
Start Education
Exam Period
Course Language
Expected prior knowledge
Standard bachelor-level computer science or equivalent.
Course Contents
In this course we discuss recent developments in the area of web information systems. We select topics to discuss from the areas of:
- web technology (e.g. web services, web engineering, hypertext, adaptive web),
- web data management (e.g. web data interoperability, system and data integration),
- web data and semantics (e.g. ontologies, semantic web, metadata),
- web data analytics (e.g. user modeling, web personalization, web content mining, web information filtering and retrieval),
- social web (e.g. social web data analytics, Web 2.0, social networking, human computing),
- web science (e.g. crowdsourcing, trust, data science).

We discuss this content while learning about the role of scientific communication and about the scientific methodologies and approaches for conducting research in the area.

In this seminar the students will have to prepare and give scientific presentations on the basis of research papers about selected topics - the topics are selected in the first session together with the students. The students will also have to attend the presentations and participate in discussions on the presented papers. In addition, students will have to write a short survey about a topic in the area of web information systems of their choice.

Study Goals
- to expose the student to current developments in research on web information systems and be aware of the methodologies and approaches to conduct research in the area;
- to familiarise the student with reading, presenting and discussing scientific literature in the area and be aware of the most important academic journals and conferences in the area (and their review processes);
- to help the student in reading and writing scientific papers and choosing a topic for her/his thesis in the area.

Education Method
Student seminar.
Literature and Study Materials
Is provided in the seminar, depending on the chosen subjects.
- Quality of presentation of the scientific paper studied (15%).
- Participation in the seminar discussions (10%).
- Quality of paper written (75%).

Special Information
Students are asked to register/enrol on Blackboard.
Students are also asked to be present and active in the first seminar session, to facilitate the proper planning of the seminar.
The expected workload of 5ects is distributed uniformly over the quarter.
The seminar asks for active participation and therefore can only be completed as part of the first quarter edition; there is no re-sit.