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2016/2017 Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science Master Electrical Engineering
Electrical Power Systems of the Future
Responsible Instructor
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Prof.ir. M.A.M.M. van der Meijden    M.A.M.M.vanderMeijden@tudelft.nl
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The course deals with the development of the electrical power infrastructure as an integrated system consisting of power grid, electricity production and load. The impact of large scale integration of sustainable energy sources (such as wind and solar power) on system reliability and security of supply will be explained.
Advanced concepts (MT-HVDC, FACTS, interaction between DC and AC, WAMPAC, interaction transmission and distribution) are treated. The main principles of markets and services (system services, transmission services, ancillary services) will be highlighted.
The course aims to provide the student with a thorough understanding of the reliability issues involved in power system design and operation.
Study Goals
To design and operate an electrical power system in a reliable, sustainable and affordable way will be a great challenge in the future. After following the course the student understands the planning and operation of the onshore and offshore power system as a whole and the impact of integrating sustainable energy sources at a large scale on system operation and the transmission and distribution of electrical energy. The student has gained insight in different power transmission and control technologies, balancing, congestion management, interaction between transmission and distribution systems. The student is able to make power system reliability analyses in relation to planning and operation of the power system.

Education Method
Lectures 2 hours/week, practicum 4 hours/week, group interaction, self study, company visit with lecture on site
practicum assesments and digital exam