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2016/2017 Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science Master Electrical Engineering
Internship EWEM
Responsible Instructor
Name E-mail
Dr.ir. H. Polinder    H.Polinder@tudelft.nl
Contact Hours / Week x/x/x/x
Start Education
Course Language
Expected prior knowledge
A general guideline for the start of the Internship is: the studies are finished apart from the MSc-project and maybe one or two courses.
When this condition is met the Internship Officer is able to declare that the outgoing student will practically work on the level of an engineer.
Hence, the company may expect something and the student can gain further experience at a rather high level.
Course Contents
The Internship is a non obligatory but recommended part of the EWEM curriculum.
Study Goals
There are three types of educational goals for the Internship:
I. Profession related aspects
Insight into the profession of the electrical engineer
Insight into the duties and the responsibility of the engineer in a company
II. Social-psychological aspects
Learning to move in another culture (both within and outside the company)
Dealing with another language during a longer period
Gaining insight into the position of the company with respect to comparable companies
III. Professional knowledge and skills related aspects
Learning to apply the gained knowledge and skills in a situation different from the (own) university situation
Learning to acquire new knowledge and skills that are necessary to meet the requirements for the Internship.
Education Method
The internship must be done in a company in or outside The Netherlands. An internship in a university outside the Netherlands can be accepted. An internship at TUDelft will not be accepted.
Literature and Study Materials
See: Internship regulations: programme Electrical Engineering, Embedded Systems and Computer Engineering.
website: http://stages.ewi.tudelft.nl/
See Blackboard EE5010 for forms and information.
On this site information, mandatory forms and also positions for Internships can be found.
Contact person: Inge Grootjans (I.Grootjans@tudelft.nl).
The assessment is based on the Company supervisor Assessment Form, the TU Delft supervisor Assessment Form and the Internship Report.
The documents have to be submitted to the Internship Officer within two months after finishing the Internship.
Within one month after submitting the different documents, the student will be informed about the credit points that are granted.
The internship period should be 4 weeks (for which you will receive 6 credits). You can do a longer internship, but you will not receive additional credits.
The Internship acceptance form has to be submitted as soon as the company has agreed with the Internship, at any rate before the start of training period.
Doing a Summer Internship, preferably hand in before June 1st.
Internships not reported before the start will not be qualified for credits.