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2016/2017 Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science EWI Electives Service-Education
Project Design of Sustainable Energy Supply
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Dr.ir. J.L. Rueda Torres    J.L.RuedaTorres@tudelft.nl
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Emphasis is placed on the design of small-size sustainable electrical energy systems exclusively supplied by renewable energy sources. The project deals with the integration of different technologies of renewable energy sources and storage in an electricity network with specific time-dependent loads. The electricity network can be a micro autonomous grid or part of a large network. The system is developed in a Matlab/Simulink software environment
Study Goals
LO1: Describe the key aspects of computer aided modelling and simulation of the components of sustainable electrical energy systems.

LO2: Apply design criteria for sustainable electrical energy systems.

LO3: Create a model of a sustainable electrical energy system in a simulation software package

LO4: Assess the system performance following time-varying operating conditions

LO5: Design and test a control strategy for storage devices to cope with surplus/deficit of renewable energy.
Education Method
Computer aided simulation. Programming renewable energy components in Matlab/Simulink software environment.
Report and oral defense on the description and characteristics of the designed sustainable electric energy system, including debate about main findings and innovation aspects.
The report is prepared and defended by each multidisciplinary student group defined at the beginning of the course. The members of each group must equitably perform during the oral defense.
- The entire course is given in English.
- No theory lectures. The focus is on practical aspects and computer-aided engineering.
- The students will be grouped into several multidisciplinary teams.
- Challenges and working environment like in real-world engineering projects.
- 1-hour introductory tutorial on Simulink in the first lab session. Basic skills in Matlab programming and Simulink are assumed.
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