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2016/2017 Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science Master Sustainable Energy Technology (SET)
Internship MSc SET
ECTS: 15
Responsible Instructor
Name E-mail
Dr. R.A.C.M.M. van Swaaij    R.A.C.M.M.vanSwaaij@tudelft.nl
Course Coordinator
Name E-mail
I. Grootjans    I.Grootjans@tudelft.nl
Module Manager
Name E-mail
L. Meirink    L.Meirink@tudelft.nl
Contact Hours / Week x/x/x/x
Different: Student has to find project and green list supervisor.
Education Period
Different, to be announced
Start Education
Exam Period
Exam by appointment
Course Language
Course Contents
An internship is allowed within SET for a duration of 3 months (15 ECTS).

Students who started the MSc program SET on or after September 2016, have a choice of doing 15 credits on projects & electives. These 15 credits should contain at least one project (SIP-1, SIP-2 or Internship)

A short plan for the internship (form available from the blackboard course SET3822) should be made together with a TU Delft supervisor.
The plan clearly has to include a sustainable energy topic. General guidelines are that it should concern a design, model or methodology implementation, or an experimental study relevant for the company involved. It should not be limited to a literature study only.

For SET-students detailed information on projects, procedures and application is available on the blackboard course SET3822.

NB: It occurs that students do part of their thesis work (graduation project, course code SET3901) in a company or with another external partner. Students should realize that this external part of their thesis work:
Study Goals
Learn about sustainable energy projects in a professional environment, and apply sustainable energy related knowledge on a (new or persistent) problem relevant for the company. Produce a project report that gives useful answers to the initial questions of the company and that gives the TU Delft supervisor sufficiently detailed insight in the project and its results. Guidelines for writing can be found on Blackboard course SET3822.

Skills should be acquired on the following topics:
1. Performance: Productivity, Independence, Practical skills, Theoretical knowledge, Creative thinking, Time management
2. Communication: Reporting, Presentation, Interpersonal
3. Competences: Motivation & enthusiasm, Critical attitude, Taking initiative
Education Method
Individual supervision within the company in which the internship is performed, and by TU Delft supervisor.
Literature and Study Materials
The Blackboard page http://blackboard.tudelft.nl > courses > SET3822 (enroll!) provides more information about the industrial internship. On this page you can find the step-by-step guide explaining all procedures, forms, internship offers, experiences from other students and additional information e.g. about grants and funding.
For the assessment you need to submit two reports:
• A scientific report using the format and guidelines of the company
• An evaluation report (short description about the company, internship and future internship opportunities at this company)

Your company supervisor needs to assess your internship at the end of your internship period and send his review form to the TU Delft instructor. Your TU Delft instructor needs to assess your internship within two weeks after the end of your internship and give a mark. The TU Delft instructor will then send the assessment form (including the company supervisor review form) to the Internship Office EEMCS. The review form can be found on Blackboard > courses > SET3822. The supervisors have to email filled out form to internship-eemcs@tudelft.nl.

The Internship Grading Scheme will be used as a guideline to determine the mark. Please consult the SET3822 Blackboard for the detailed grading scheme.

Your mark will be processed as soon as the Internship Office EEMCS has received:
• The digital review form with a signature from both supervisors. Your supervisors can request the review form by sending an email to internship-eemcs@tudelft.nl
• A digital copy of both reports.

When the nature of the project requires so, it is possible to censor parts of the report. Details like numbers and names may be left out of the report (or striked through), for example, as long as the report represents the achievements of the project and the TU Delft instructor is able to assess the internship.

All marks will be expressed on a scale of 0 to 10.
Enrolment / Application
Prior to the start, the internship needs to be approved by the TU Delft instructor*.

When the TU Delft instructor has approved the internship, fill out the Internship application form (which you can download from the SET3822 Blackboard) and make sure both the TU Delft instructor and company supervisor have read and signed the form. The form should be submitted prior to the start of your internship. Otherwise, you will not receive a mark!!

*A TU Delft instructor is a faculty member (tenured or appointed on a tenure track position), employed by the university responsible for the degree programme.
Special Information
A combination of electives & projects of 15 EC during the first year is 'scheduled' for the 2nd semester.

Projects accepted are:
ET4380SET Systems Integration Project I (group) – 6 EC
SET3811 Systems Integration Project II (individual) – 9 EC
SET3822 Industrial Internship (individual) – 15 EC

Approved combinations of Projects & Electives:

SIP 1 (6) + SIP 2 (9) = 15 EC
SIP 1 (6) + elective courses (9) = 15 EC
SIP 2 (9) + elective courses (6) = 15 EC
Internship = 15 EC
The student is responsible for finding an internship position. The Internship Office EEMCS only has an assisting, coordinating and administrative role.
We therefore advise students to start looking for an internship well in advance:
• International students are advised to start the orientation process during the first year of their Master.
• Dutch students are advised to start the orientation process at least 6 months in advance if planning to stay in the Netherlands, and at least 9 months if planning to go abroad.

The Industrial Internship is a course of 3 months. To prevent a study delay we urge you to limit your internship to a period of 3 months in deliberation with the company. If you choose to do an internship for more than 3 months, please keep in mind that you need to finalize your internship after 3 months. This means you need to hand in the required documents (see ‘assessment’) after 3 months of your internship and not at the end of your internship. The ‘remaining’ months of the internship are at students’ risk (both personal and financial issues).
Name E-mail
Dr.ir. W.A.A.M. Bierbooms    W.A.A.M.Bierbooms@tudelft.nl
Dr. L.M. Kamp    L.M.Kamp@tudelft.nl
Prof.dr. F.M. Mulder    F.M.Mulder@tudelft.nl
Prof.dr. D.J.E.M. Roekaerts    D.J.E.M.Roekaerts@tudelft.nl
Dr.ir. A.H.M. Smets    A.H.M.Smets@tudelft.nl