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2017/2018 Technology, Policy and Management Master Complex Systems Engineering and Management
Master Thesis Preparation
Module Manager
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Drs. J. Ubacht    J.Ubacht@tudelft.nl
Name E-mail
Dr. J.A. Annema    J.A.Annema@tudelft.nl
Dr. A.F. Correlje    A.F.Correlje@tudelft.nl
Dr. H.H. Hansen    H.H.Hansen@tudelft.nl
Dr. T. Hoppe    T.Hoppe@tudelft.nl
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Course Contents
Students will orient themselves on a (thesis) subject; do literature research; will critically review scientific papers in order to discover an academic knowledge gap. On the basis of this, they will write a research proposal; formulate research questions; select a research approach; select research and/or modelling techniques; design a plan of action; develop a research flow diagram and make a thesis project planning. During the course the student will read and analyse at least 15 scientific articles, and peer-review all elements/assignments of draft research proposals. Per assignment/review students report on what they have done with the peer reviews they received in a rebuttal.

Final deliverables:
A research proposal in a common format. In order to pass and get access to the Master Thesis Project this deliverable needs to be graded as sufficient (>= 5.75). It will be graded according to a fixed list of criteria.
Reviews and rebuttals on formative assignments. Reviews and rebuttals will be assessed by peers.
All assignments during the module have to be handed in before the deadline, and have to comply with the assessment criteria.
Study Goals
After concluding this course students will be able to:
* write a research proposal, that demonstrates:
* societal relevance
*scientific relevance based on state of the art literature review
* coherent and consistent scientific argumentation
* program specific research(able)questions and research approach
* a do-able research plan including a conscious and justifiable choice of research methods and an accompanying time schedule

* design research typical for their MSc program
* do serious and high quality peer reviewing
Education Method
Online learning. In Delft four two hours interactive workshops support students to discuss and learn about writing a research proposal and doing thesis research. Peer review is an important learning activity in this course. It is obligatory to meet the deadline: if not, students are excluded to continue the course.
Literature and Study Materials
Learning materials will be available on Brigthspace.
This is an online course; all materials are available electronically.
This is an online course; all materials are available electronically.
Students are expected to be familiar with the use of search engines like Scopus and Web of Science, and familiar with programs for storing references (e.g. EndNote,Mendely,or Zotero). You are familiar with referencing, citing and paraphrasing See: http://www.lib.tudelft.nl/tulib/index.htm
You are proficient in writing scientific English.
Students are expected to have chosen a thesis study subject and preferably have chosen the section/capacity group where they will be supervised.
All assignments need to be fulfilled. The grade will be based on the final versions of
- a research proposal - 3500 words (grade)
- Peer assessment of reviews of formative assignments: plus or minus 0.5
- Peer assessment of rebuttals: plus or minus 0.5
Special Information
The course is offered in the 2nd quarter of the 3rd semester. This is a demanding course. Because of its structure (peer-review process) strict deadlines are maintained; full commitment is expected.

For exchange and double degree students only, the on-line course will run from September till January to allow these students to start their thesis project at the start of the 4th semester. Enrolment only on request.
2nd year COSEM students
MSc level