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2018/2019 Technology, Policy and Management Master Complex Systems Engineering and Management
Institutional Economics for Designing in Socio-technical Systems
Module Manager
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Prof.dr. R.W. Kunneke    R.W.Kunneke@tudelft.nl
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Dr. A.F. Correlje    A.F.Correlje@tudelft.nl
Prof.dr. R.W. Kunneke    R.W.Kunneke@tudelft.nl
Responsible for assignments
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Prof.dr. R.W. Kunneke    R.W.Kunneke@tudelft.nl
Co-responsible for assignments
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Dr. A.F. Correlje    A.F.Correlje@tudelft.nl
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This course provides fundamental concepts from the field of Institutional Economics that are instrumental for the design of institutions in socio-technical systems. Relevant frameworks and theories will be elaborated in relation to the design of socio-technical systems. The fundamentals of institutional economics will be applied to concrete design challenges, like the transition to sustainable infrastructures. It will be demonstrated how to relate Institutional Economics to interdisciplinary research challenges, including engineering, political science, law and philosophy. This provides interesting perspectives to other courses in the curriculum. Typical questions that are addressed in this module include:
What is the specific contribution of Institutional Economics to the design of socio-technical systems?
How to frame and interpret design challenges from an Institutional Economic perspective?
What is is an institutional design?
How can institutional designs be related to the technical design of complex systems?
How to operationalize concepts from institutional economics and apply them to empirical design challenges?
Study Goals
After the completion of the course, the student is able to:
to understand and analyse complex institutional arrangements from an Institutional Economic perspective
reflect on the possible contribution of Institutional Economics in addressing different design challenges
apply approaches from Institutional Economics to concrete design challenges
position and apply different approaches from Institutional Economics to interdisciplinary design challenges.
establish a coherent institutional design given the features of the technical system(s) embedded in their socio-political environment
Education Method
Lectures and workshops
Literature and Study Materials
Reader of relevant study material, including cases to be discussed in the workshops
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