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2009/2010 Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science Master Electrical Engineering
Transmission Systems Engineering
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Dr.ir. J.H. Weber    J.H.Weber@tudelft.nl
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Telecommunication Techniques (ET2505-D2/ET3505-D1 or ET8002a)
Telecommunication Networks (ET3505-D2 or ET8002b)
Course Contents
Systems engineering in telecommunications is introduced and then further explored via case studies. Topics to be discussed in the context of the case studies include channel models (indoor and outdoor), link budget, modulation, channel coding, multiple access, QoS MAC, QoS routing, WPAN (IEEE 802.15.3), network coding, ad-hoc networking, sensor networks, and cognitive radio. Case studies, that resemble real-life telecommunication problems of today, have a central place in this course. Theoretical topics mentioned above will all be treated in relation to a practical case study.
Study Goals
The main goal of this course is to extend the analytical knowledge obtained in the basic (telecommunication) courses to the synthetic skills of systems engineering and the design of means of digital transmission, used in modern public and business networks. Furthermore, the student becomes familiar with the basics and applicability of some of the latest telecommunication technologies (see course contents).
When facing a (simplified) real-world telecommunications problem, the student must be capable to act as a consultant, giving recommendations on the most suitable technologies solving the given problem.
The obtained knowledge and skills have to be demonstrated in a written open book exam in the format of a system design problem.
Education Method
Literature and Study Materials
Slides, notes, and papers, to be provided by the instructors. The following book is recommended as background material: “Digital and Analog Communication Systems", L.W. Couch II, Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-142492-0.
Written (open book, system design problem)
Actual course information available on “Blackboard”