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2009/2010 Technology, Policy and Management TBM Electives
Introduction Risk Management
Module Manager
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Dr. L.J. Kortmann    L.J.Kortmann@tudelft.nl
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Prof.dr.ir. A. Verbraeck    A.Verbraeck@tudelft.nl
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MOT9566 - Introduction Project Management
Course Contents
Managing risks in projects, The following topics will be covered:
- risks and uncertainty in projects, effects of risks on the project promises
- the risk register, formulating risks, the risk event
- risk attribution
- sources for risks and uncertainty
- qualitative risk modelling
- quantitative risk modelling
- procedures for risk mitigation
- the estimation process for uncertain variables
- from point estimates to range estimates
- cost estimation with uncertainty and risks
- the contingency budget
- scheduling with uncertainty and risks
- tools for risk management
- tools for stochastic estimation
Study Goals
After the course the student will be able to:
- understand the impact of uncertainty and risk on project management
- create a small risk register and formulate risks in a precise way
- can allocate a risk mitigation method to certain risks
- model the cost and time for a project in a stochastic way
- work with the tools for risk modeling and stochastic estimation
Education Method
Lectures with assignments.
Tool practice in the computer room (MS-Project, PertMaster)
Computer Use
MS-Project, PertMaster
Course Relations
Part of the minor Project Management.
Literature and Study Materials
J.R. Meredith & S.J. Mantel. Project Management, a managerial approach. 6th edition.
D. Hillson and P. Simon. Practical project risk management, the ATOM methodology. ISBN 978-1-56726-202-5
Additional papers available through blackboard
Open book, written exam. Mark will be valid if assignments during the course have all been graded satisfactory.
- This course is part of the minor Project Management. (Please contact the module manager in case you would like to follow this course outside the minor program.)
- The course will be given in English
Minor Project Management