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2009/2010 Technology, Policy and Management Master Management of Technology
Advanced Project Management
Module Manager
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Dr.ir. H.G. Mooi    H.G.Mooi@tudelft.nl
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Prof.dr.ir. A. Verbraeck    A.Verbraeck@tudelft.nl
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Expected prior knowledge
There are no specific requirements for this course.
The course exists of lectures on the basics Project Management (equal to EPA1411) and an extra assignment for this specific lecture to write a project proposal.Students who already followed EPA1411 or a comparable lecture can follow just the 2ECTS part on writing a project proposal MOT9512.
Course Contents
Companies increasingly use projects and project management to achieve their goals. They use projects to develop new products or new technologies. They use projects to implement specific changes to their organization business processes. They use projects to experiment with new business models. They even use projects as their basic form of organization, e.g. when they are consulting companies, IT system builders or research organizations. No matter how, no matter where you will work, as a technology manager you will be confronted with projects, you will be enrolled in projects and you will be required to manage projects.

This course focuses on complex technological and innovation projects and involves the following aspects of project management:
- The relation between project management and corporate strategy; program management
- Internal project structure and organization and external orientation;
- Project management in networks and distributed project management;
- Finance and risk;
- Knowledge management in projects and project memory
- Management of R&D projects
- Various input by project management experts from large companies.
Study Goals
After participating in the course a student is able to:
- Recognize, critically analyze and design advanced aspects of complex technological and innovation projects;
- Write a (strategic) project plan in which those aspects are incorporated
Education Method
There will be 14 lectures of 2 hours each, to be given in 7 weeks. A groupwise assignment (project plan) has to be handed in and will be commented by the teacher several times during the course.

At the end of the course, there will be a day on which the groups present their final project plan to the teacher and the other students.
Course Relations
EPA1411, SPM8000
Literature and Study Materials
Meredith, J.R. and Mantel, J.M.Jr., 2006, Project Management, a managerial approach, John Wiley and Sons, Inc.
Various articles (to be published on blackboard)
A written exam and you have to write a project proposal for a techologically compelx project as a group assignment
Enrolment / Application
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MOT students and students from other faculties aiming at a minor in Management of Technology