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2009/2010 Technology, Policy and Management Master Complex Systems Engineering and Management
Web-based Information Systems & Management
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Prof.dr.ir. M.F.W.H.A. Janssen    M.F.W.H.A.Janssen@tudelft.nl
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Expected prior knowledge
Basic knowledge and understanding of information systems and information and communication technology.
Course Contents
This course deals with analyzing, specifying and managing web-based information systems and covers the whole life-cycle of web-information systems development, starting with analyzing customer needs, thereafter specifying systems components and the last elements concerns the control, maintenance and management of these systems.

Terms and topics that will be dealt with are: typology of information systems, software engineering and life-cycle management, Unified Modelling Language (UML), 3-tier architecture, client and server side scripting, communication protocols, WML, XML and Java, AJAX, interaction with database components ODBC, JDBC, ERD en SQL, customization, scalability, caching, Service Levels Agreements, control and maintenance concepts and theory.

A number of case studies will be presented and analyzed, including the website of a traveling agency and theatre.
Study Goals
The learning objectives of this course are
-to gain insight in and knowledge of the components of web-information systems;
-to gain insight in the total life-cycle of web information systems;
-to acquire knowledge and skills to analyse, organize and manage web-information systems;
-to understand the need for and knowledge about the control and maintenance of web-information systems.
Education Method
Guest lectures
Assignment on blackboard (not obliged)
Literature and Study Materials
-Darrel Ince. Developing Distributed and E-commerce Applications. Pearson/Addison Wesley
-Control and maintenance management (on blackboard)
-All slides, papers and other material on Blackboard
Written exam