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2010/2011 Applied Sciences Bachelor Applied Physics
Physical Transport Phenomena
Responsible Instructor
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Dr.ir. G.C.J. Bart    G.C.J.Bart@tudelft.nl
Prof.dr.ir. C.R. Kleijn    C.R.Kleijn@tudelft.nl
Prof.dr. R.F. Mudde    R.F.Mudde@tudelft.nl
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BSC Applied Physics
Expected prior knowledge
Introduction to Thermodynamics TN1201, Differential equations WI2140TN
Course Contents
Conservation laws and Marcoscopic and microspic balance equations for mass, momementum and energy. Dimensionaless numbers, dimensional analysis. Hydrodynamic forces on solid bodies. Convective and diffusive transport or mass, momentum and energy. Heat and mass transfer, Nusselt and Sherwood relations. Thermal radiation. Techniocal fluid dynamics. Laminar flows of newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids.
Study Goals
Students should learn to understand and analyze the mechanisms relevant for the transport of mass, momentum and energy, and learn to solve the resulting balance equations. Students should be able to apply this knowledge to real problems from physics, process technology, energy technology, environmental engineering and daily life.
Education Method
Two times per week 1 hour of lecture followed by 1 hour of exercises. Participation in exercises and homework leads to bonus score for examination.
Literature and Study Materials
H.E.A. van den Akker en R.F. Mudde, Fysische Transportverschijnselen, 3rd edition
L.P.B.M. Janssen and M. Warmoeskerken, Transport Phenomena Data Companion
H.E.A.Van den Akker, R.F. Mudde en Stammers, 200 Vraagstukken
Fysische transportverschijnselen.
Alle uitgegeven door de Delft University Press en verkrijgbaar bij de
VSSD. Aanbevolen:
R.B. Bird,W.E. Stewart and E.N. Lightfoot,Transport Phenomena,
John Wiley & Sons 1960.
Written examination. Bonus score for through participation in exercise classes and homework.
Permitted Materials during Tests
calculator, Transport Phenomena Data Companion
8 hours per week (14 weeks) + 56 hours exam preparation
Continuing Courses
Advanced Physical Transport Phenomena AP3171D