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2009/2010 Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering Minors Biomedical Engineering
Medical Imaging
Responsible Instructor
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Prof.dr. I.T. Young    I.T.Young@tudelft.nl
Responsible for assignments
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Prof.dr. F.J. Beekman    F.J.Beekman@tudelft.nl
Dr. K.W.A. van Dongen    K.W.A.vanDongen@tudelft.nl
Prof.dr. W.J. Niessen    W.J.Niessen@tudelft.nl
Dr. B. Rieger    B.Rieger@tudelft.nl
Dr.ir. D.R. Schaart    D.R.Schaart@tudelft.nl
S. Stallinga    S.Stallinga@tudelft.nl
Dr.ir. M.D. Verweij    M.D.Verweij@tudelft.nl
Dr. F.M. Vos    F.M.Vos@tudelft.nl
Prof.dr. H.T. Wolterbeek    H.T.Wolterbeek@tudelft.nl
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Required for
Depending upon the student's project choice in the last two weeks of the minor "Medical Technology", this course (Medical Imaging) may be necessary for the "Translational Medical Project".
Expected prior knowledge
The first week course "Mathematics" in the minor "Medical Technology" is required for this course, "Medical Imaging".
Course Contents
This course will be taught in Dutch as a two-week "block module".

In the first week the topics will be light microscopy (absorption, fluorescence, phase, etc.), digital pathology, and 2D & 3D X-ray imaging. (The last is the well-known CAT Röntgen imaging.)

In the second week the topics will be ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), SPECT, and PET.

The use of these imaging modalities for therapy as well as diagnostics will be discussed.

Each day the contents will consist of lectures, demonstrations, and laboratory work (where possible).
Study Goals
Understanding the technological basis for imaging modalities that are used in clinical medicine and biomedical research
Education Method
In general, lectures and laboratory work and/or laboratory visits
The contents of the first week course "Mathematics" in the minor "Medical Technology" is required for this course, "Medical Imaging".
Written exam at the end of each week in the two-week teaching period
Special Information
In the academic year 2010-2011, only 20 students will be accepted in this minor.
3mE Department Biomechanical Engineering
Prof. dr. Ian T. Young
Quantitative Imaging Group, Department of Imaging Science & Technology
TU Delft
T: 015-278-5390
E: i "dot" t "dot" young "at" tudelft "dot" nl