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2011/2012 Technology, Policy and Management Master Engineering and Policy Analysis
Master thesis EPA
ECTS: 30
Module Manager
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Drs. J. Ubacht    J.Ubacht@tudelft.nl
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Dr. J.A. Annema    J.A.Annema@tudelft.nl
Prof.dr. M.L.P. Groenleer    M.L.P.Groenleer@tudelft.nl
Dr. L.M. Kamp    L.M.Kamp@tudelft.nl
Dr.ir. Z. Lukszo    Z.Lukszo@tudelft.nl
Dr.ir. M.P.M. Ruijgh-van der Ploeg    M.P.M.Ruijgh-vanderPloeg@tudelft.nl
Dr. M.E. Warnier    M.E.Warnier@tudelft.nl
Ir. H.W. de Wolff    H.W.deWolff@tudelft.nl
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All previous courses in the EPA programme and electives relevant to the chosen subject.
Course Contents
The Master's Thesis Project takes place at the end of the second year and covers a period of approximately half a year. Students have to carry out an individual project to round off the EPA program. The subject for the project may be chosen in respect to, or independent from, a specific area of technology and possible elective profile, though students are stimulated to find some connectivity in their choices.

Within this project, students must demonstrate their capacity for academic analysis, synthesis, design, reflection and written communication on a particular issue in the field of engineering and policy analysis.

The student can start the Master's Thesis Project after at least two members of the thesis committee have approved the (draft) project proposal and the student has filled out the application form MTP (MSc EPA). This form can be downloaded from the TPM Graduation webpages.

The student starts with an orientation phase that will lead to a detailed Master Thesis Project Proposal. After 3 and before 5 weeks of orientation the student presents this Thesis Project Proposal to his/her graduation committee during a kick-off meeting . The Master Thesis Project Proposal should give information on the goal of the project, the main research/design question, a set of derived sub questions/goals that give meaning to the project, data to use/collect, methods planned to be used, and a detailed project planning. After a successful kick-off meeting the student may start with the actual execution of the Thesis Project.

During the project the student will work towards the results of the thesis project and a compilation of project documents that the student will use to write a thesis report. The thesis committee or the student may organize one or more mid-term meetings to guide the progress of the project.

When the project is almost finished a green-light meeting is held [green light meeting]. During this meeting the student can get a green light to organize his or her final thesis project defense. This means a formal approval from the administration for graduation office (100% of the courses completed except for the graduation project) and approval with respect to the contents of the work (compilation of project documents in which research questions are addressed, and a high level draft version of thesis report). The work should at least be sufficient to pass without any adjustment, but of course expected improvements on both thesis project results and thesis document as suggested by the thesis committee should be considered to be incorporated.

The student finalizes the thesis project in respect to the agreements made during the green light meeting. During the final defense meeting the student gives a presentation to defend the final project results. If all results, including the defense and presentation, are sufficient the diploma and final grade for the thesis project as a whole will be handed out. Students are required to make the thesis report available in both paper and digital copy.

More detailed and essential information about the Master's Thesis Project can be found in Blackboard and in the so-called Blue Guide "Elective courses and the graduation procedure" that contains all administrative procedures and requirements for the master thesis project. This manual can be downloaded from the TPM Website, on the Graduation pages.
Study Goals
The EPA Master's thesis project has the following four objectives:
1) The students have to plan and fulfill a Master Thesis Project on their own;
2) The students pass through all phases of academic research and/or design;
3) The project is a bridge between the EPA curriculum and working as an EPA engineer;
4) The project is an orientation on the labor market and the field of work of the EPA engineer.
Education Method
Students carry out the project individually. Cooperating with colleagues is only possible before the kick-off meeting. The thesis project can be conducted as a part of a research/design project being carried out at the faculty, or during an internship at an external partner organisation in either the public or private sector.
Literature and Study Materials
The students are expected to consult their own information sources.
Practical Guide
Graduation page MSc programmes: http://www.tudelft.nl/live/pagina.jsp?id=523972a4-cfe7-4ba0-9f66-da62c9ac1c3e&lang=en
Starting conditions:

(1) All other courses of the 1st and 2nd year (including epa2931) are completed or
(2) EPA2931 is completed and less than 10 ECTS credits remain, but in this case approval of the study adviser is required to start epa2941.
The assessment of the EPA Master Thesis project will be based on the Master Thesis Project Proposal (issue paper and project plan), the compilation of documents that give answer to the stated research questions, the thesis report, and the public presentation/defense of the thesis project at the end of the project.

The final grade for the EPA Master Thesis project is a qualification of the EPA Master Thesis Project as a whole. Though the results of the EPA Master Thesis Project will be determined on the quality of the work, the whole thesis process (epa2931 and epa 2941) is a 6 month (840 hour) project effort can roughly divided in the following phases:

Preparation for the Master Thesis (epa2931) covers app. 4 weeks (6 ECTS)

The Master Thesis itself (epa 2941) covers app. 18 weeks (24 ECTS), consisting of:

Executing the project and writing a compilation of documents showing the body of research/design, writing a (draft) thesis report (app. 12 weeks / 340 hours)

Finalizing the Master Thesis Report (app. 3 weeks / 105 hours)

Presentation and defense (app. 3 weeks / 90 hours )

The assessment will be based on the EPA Master Thesis project as a whole. Assessments standards will be used in respect to the following components of the assessment without using separate grading of the components:

Overall planning and communication skills: shown during the official meetings, during the project at all contact moments internal (DUT and (if applicable) the commissioning organization) and external, shown within the Master Thesis Project Proposal, and during the final presentation and defense;

The overall scientific attitude and results: shown during the project and various parts of the Master thesis report.

The Master Thesis Report as a whole.

The final thesis assessment form is available on the TPM website, Graduation pages/forms.
Enrolment / Application
The exam coordinators listed above are the graduation coordinators for the sections in which you can graduate. A full list with contact details and affiliations can be found on the graduation pages of the TPM website.
All 2nd year EPA students