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2012/2013 Technology, Policy and Management TBM Electives
Project Management
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Drs. M. Leijten    M.Leijten@tudelft.nl
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Dr.ir. M.G.C. Bosch-Rekveldt    M.G.C.Bosch-Rekveldt@tudelft.nl
Dr. S. Filippov    S.Filippov@tudelft.nl
Drs. M. Leijten    M.Leijten@tudelft.nl
Prof.dr.ir. A. Verbraeck    A.Verbraeck@tudelft.nl
Dr. J.L.M. Vrancken    J.L.M.Vrancken@tudelft.nl
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This course focuses on the project management of construction projects. Projects, in all contemporary industry sectors and specifically in construction, are becoming increasingly complex and challenging with the accelerated advances in technology, new business models, forms of collaboration, availability requirements, and an augmented demand to deliver economic value and a competitive advantage. Managing projects in this environment requires strong leadership skills and proficiency in project management knowledge and practice to be able to achieve the project and organizational objectives on time, on budget and to the satisfaction of stakeholders.
The course is designed to provide students with scholarly knowledge in the practice of managing construction projects, namely major infrastructural project, in order to enhance their career options and prepare them to move into management roles by developing their professionalism, versatility and leadership in an environment of constant change.

The curriculum follows the competencies required to move a project through its various stages. The course provides a thorough exploration of project management processes and tasks. These include:
- Project organisation
- Planning tasks and control strategies
- Contracts and procurement methods
- Communication and inter-relationships between project stakeholders.
- Leadership skills.

Study Goals
The course presents the foundations of project management and is developed primarily to understand the role of project management in construction. It provides an introduction to the methods and tools of project management and how they function in the process of constructing an asset. The course provides students with the knowledge necessary to understand how projects can be managed.

The student should be able to
- Understand trade-offs between cost, time, scope and quality in construction
- Understand various project management tools, their possibilities and weaknesses
- Understand and design project management organisations
- Understand and design contracts and procurement strategies
- Understand and design tasks and roles within projects
- Plan projects and design control measures
- Understand the complexity that results from interfaces and design measures to manage this.
Education Method
The course includes lectures and assignments. The course is one of four project management courses that are partly combined. Every week there are two lectures that are combined with the other project management courses (EPA1412, MOT9511 and SPM4416) and one separate lecture for SPM8000. The assignments are separate efforts for the exclusive SPM8000 part.
Course Relations
The course has a separate SPM8000 part and a common part that is shared with the courses EPA1412, MOT9511 and SPM4416.

This project management course approaches projects in a way that is comparable to the process management course SPM8001, but it has a different focus. The course on project management will focus mainly on the realisation phase and its overlap with the design phase. In the case of the process management course, the emphasis will be on the phases of initiation, development, decision making. So, the courses are complementary to each other.
Literature for the part of the course that is shared with the other course codes: Nicholas, J.M., H. Steyn, Project Management for Business, Engineering and Technology, Routledge. Separate material for SPM8000 will be provided via Blackboard.
The assessment of the course is done with a written exam and a case report. Both count for half of the final grade. For the case report, students choose a real life project. On the basis of the theories discussed in the lectures, they make an assignment every week. The final report is composed of the assignments.
Enrolment / Application
This course is not available for electives, unless you are granted an exemption by the course manager. Despite the combination with other course codes, students only have to enroll for SPM8000. To get all the course information, however, they do need to enroll for the Blackboard sites of both SPM8000 and EPA1412.
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