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2013/2014 Technology, Policy and Management Master Engineering and Policy Analysis
Discrete Systems Modelling
Module Manager
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Prof.dr.ir. A. Verbraeck    A.Verbraeck@tudelft.nl
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Dr.ir. P.W. Heijnen    P.W.Heijnen@tudelft.nl
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Simulation Masterclass (SPM9325)
Expected prior knowledge
Basic knowledge about probability theory and statistics.
Course Contents
The course covers the following elements:
- Theory of discrete event systems
- Probability distributions and statistical tests
- Queuing Systems
- Conceptual modeling
- Model Specification
- Verification and validation
- Experimental design
- Introduction to Simio Simulation Software
- Practical application of the knowledge and skills on a real-life problem
Study Goals
The goal is to understand the theory of discrete modeling and simulation and its application to practical situations in domains such as logistics, manufacturing and infrastructures.
Education Method
The theory of discrete event modeling is taught in a series of lectures.
The simulation software is studied through an e-learning portal and weekly practical lab sessions.
A large part of the contents is applied during the project with the help of coaches.
Computer Use
The Simio program is installed in the computer rooms in the faculty. Students will obtain licenses for their own laptops (Windows only; Mac users can use Parallels or a virtual machine).
1) Reader for simulation theory and discrete modeling theory;
2) Simio book or e-book;
3) additional information through Blackboard.
The assessment is twofold.
The first part is based on a three hour test in the computer room to answer a number of theory questions and to solve a problem using discrete event simulation software.
The second part of the assessment is based on a group project where a real life case is tackled by a team of students.
Permitted Materials during Tests
Simio manuals and lecture notes are allowed during the simulation part of the test.
Enrolment / Application
Enroll through Blackboard.