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2014/2015 Aerospace Engineering Master Aerospace Engineering
Adaptive Aerospace Structures
Responsible Instructor
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Dr.ir. R. De Breuker    R.DeBreuker@tudelft.nl
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Dr. M.J. Martinez    M.J.Martinez@tudelft.nl
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Expected prior knowledge
1. AE2135-II
2. AE2235-I
During this course, the following adaptive materials will be covered:
1. Piezoelectric materials.
2. Shape memory alloys.

For each of these materials, the following topics will be covered:
1. Fundamental working principle and material modelling.
2. Typical applications of the materials.
3. Application of the materials to actuation, sensing and control.
Course Contents
This course introduces the student to the application of adaptive structures in the aerospace world. This type of structure is becoming more and more used in military and civil aerospace applications and promises to enhance the efficiency of aerospace structures.

The course covers nomenclature of the field, basic material types and behaviour, elementary methods of modelling, basic structural building blocks and integration with aircraft structural elements.
Study Goals
The course is intended to impart a working knowledge of basic adaptive material types, strengths, weaknesses, analytical modelling techniques and elementary methods of integration with generic structural elements. The course will introduce the student to the challenges of electrical power delivery and control. Methods for estimating power requirements for smart actuators and of matching the actuators to the structure will be discussed. The course will also discuss the application of adaptive structures to vibration control and sensing.
Education Method
1. The lectures will be taught in a lecture room.
2. The students can review the lectures online.
Literature and Study Materials
1. Smart Structures: Analysis and Design, Srinivasan and McFarland.
2. Micromechatronics, Giurgiutiu and Lyshevski.
3. Vibration Control of Active Structures, Preumont.
4. Smart Structures: Physical Behaviour, Mathematical Modelling and Applications, Gaudenzi.
1. Literature survey of adaptive materials.
2. Project.
3. Maple TA exam.