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2006/2007 Applied Sciences Master Applied Physics
AP3032 G
Continuum Physics
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Dr.ir. M.J. Tummers    M.J.Tummers@tudelft.nl
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Prof.dr. R.F. Mudde    R.F.Mudde@tudelft.nl
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The continuum description of the mechanics of solids and liquids is
discussed in a unified approach based on tensors. Deformations of a
body are studied and the concept of the strain tensor and the rateof-
deformation tensor are introduced. This is followed by a discussion
of the stress tensor, and the equations of motion of a body are
derived based on the balances of linear and angular momentum. For
linear elastic solids the following topics are discussed: constitutive
equation, plane stress and plane strain, Airy stress function, and
energy principles. For Newtonian fluids we discuss the stress tensor,
Navier-Stokes equations, and the first and second law of thermodynamics.
The lecture series is then continued with a number of special
topics: the consequences of dissipative effects and entropy production
for the description of a continuum (Dufour and Soret effect, or the
Peltier effect), magneto-hydrodynamics (MHD), and, finally, linear
waves in solids, fluids and electro-magnetism.
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