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2015/2016 Technology, Policy and Management Master Complex Systems Engineering and Management
MAS Design: An integrated view
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Dr. M.A. Oey    M.A.Oey@tudelft.nl
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Dr.ir. J.H. Baggen    J.H.Baggen@tudelft.nl
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The course Multi-actor Systems Design: An Integrated View (Spm4142) will challenge you to merge the knowledge obtained in the courses Spm4123 and Spm4133 about the two prevalent approaches for dealing with complex social-technical systems. Spm4123 was on the engineering-perspective and Spm4133 on the actor-perspective. This course is aimed to deepen your knowledge and understanding of these perspectives in an integrated fashion, so you can broaden your experiences while working with both perspectives on a real case.
Study Goals
After having taken this course you should be able to:
1. Name the dynamics of complex social technical systems.
2. Recognize and distinguish an actor perspective from a systems perspective.
3. Explain and discuss the strength and weaknesses of both perspectives.
4. Demonstrate your understanding by applying an integrative use of the perspectives in the case at hand.
5. Determine the added value of an integrative approach for understanding and design of complex systems using the case at hand and two other examples to clarify your observation and reflection.

Education Method
Spm4142 is a brief, but intensive course. The course starts with a kick off-meeting in which the specific rules of the game are set.

You will be asked to form a group of 5 students and apply a combination of both a systems-perspective and an actor-perspective to a specific topic of your choice (from a shortlist).
- You need to find out why and how to use both perspectives alongside.
- You also need to find out how you can apply this integrated approach to your topic and what works well and what does not.
In this way you will develop an understanding on the combination of both perspectives for analysis and design!

Each group has two coaches, one systems-expert and one actors-expert. You will have two meetings with each of the coaches and you will have to interview at least one expert or interested party in the field. Suggestions for literature and interviewees will be provided.
Your topic requires both a problem analysis and a design of a solution. The mixture of these will be discussed with your coaches.

The first result of your work is a short Video (5-8 minutes) and any necessary additional documents in which you cover the study goals 1 through 4. You need to present this production in class (introduction, viewing, discussion).

For the second deliverable each individual will have to write a reflection about the added value of an integrative approach for understanding and design of complex systems using the case at hand and two other examples to clarify your observation and reflection. This will cover study goal 5.
Reader Multi-Actor Systems Design: An Integrated View
Based on both products each group will be interviewed by their coaches. This interview has the status of an oral examination, in which critical questions will be posed.

Each individual student will be graded based on the group product and the individual product.