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2017/2018 Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science Master Computer Science
Seminar Science and Methods in Cyber security
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Prof.dr.ir. J. van den Berg    J.vandenBerg@tudelft.nl
C. Doerr    C.Doerr@tudelft.nl
Dr.ir. J.C.A. van der Lubbe    J.C.A.vanderLubbe@tudelft.nl
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This seminar course Cyber Security covers the following topics: (i) an introduction to the philosophy of (classical and design) science, (ii) the art of writing a scientific research proposal, (iii) an overview of useful and relevant scientific methods, (iv) introduction to scientific writing (of a paper and of a MSc thesis).
Study Goals
1. Getting a basic knowledge and understanding of what science entails and how scientific knowledge is being created
2. Getting knowledge and understanding of relevant scientific methods applicable in the field of Cyber Security
3. Getting knowledge, understanding and skills for writing a research proposal related to the creation of a MSc thesis
4. Getting knowledge and understanding on how to execute a scientific article and MSc thesis
5. Getting knowledge and understanding of how to execute a literature review.
Education Method
Lecturers supported by the execution of mostly individual assignments. Attendance of participants in this course is mandatory.
Final grade will be based on a weighted average of various scores including (i) presence and level of participation, (ii) quality of the research proposal to be written and presented, (iii) grades for assignments (paper evaluation and paper rewrite).
Research Methods