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2007/2008 Technology, Policy and Management Master Complex Systems Engineering and Management
Fundamentals of Business Intelligence
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Prof.dr.ir. J. van den Berg    J.vandenBerg@tudelft.nl
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The current Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enables organizations to monitor their activities at almost any desired level. Doing so, large amounts of (business) data are collected. Organasitions can (and by the pressure of competitive advantage should) use the available data by integrating them to information and knowledge based on which operational activities can be improved and both tactical and strategic decision-making be supported.
The transformation of data into useful information and knowledge is mainly enabled by an almost continuous analysis of all kind of information sources using, among others, all kinds of intelligent techniques.

Business Intelligence (BI) concerns activities to transform, analyze, and aggregate raw (business) data in such ways that information and knowledge is created for decision support and the improvement of operational activities.

BI software tools & applications concern decision support systems, query languages, online analytical processing, statistical analysis, intelligent software for classification and prediction, data mining and visualisation.
Study Goals
1) Understanding the main building blocks of Business Intelligence (BI) solutions
2) Understanding the ways data can be transformed into information and knowledge
3) Getting practical experience with a few BI tools.
Education Method
A series of lectures and practical exercises with BI tools.
The final mark will be based on the results for the written examination and practical exercises.