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2017/2018 Technology, Policy and Management Master Complex Systems Engineering and Management
I&C Service Design
Module Manager
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Dr.ir. G.A. de Reuver    G.A.deReuver@tudelft.nl
Responsible for assignments
Name E-mail
Dr.ir. G.A. de Reuver    G.A.deReuver@tudelft.nl
Co-responsible for assignments
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Dr. W.A.G.A. Bouwman    W.A.G.A.Bouwman@tudelft.nl
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Course Contents
Mobile apps, Internet-of-things and sensors are enabling a range of new I&C services. These services are typically offered in ecosystems of interdependent actors. However, designing services that add value for users as well as ecosystem stakeholders is challenging.

In this course, you learn how to design I&C services that meet user needs as well as an underlying valorization plan to bring that application to the market. We give attention to design, technology and stakeholder involvement. We focus on mobile applications enabled by Internet-of-Things devices. During the course, students are challenged to apply these insights by designing an innovative mobile service concept including a mock-up and valorization plan.
Study Goals
After the course, you are able to:
- Apply concepts of design science research, action design research, agile development and service engineering to a practical case
- Design and illustrate a value-adding service concept driven by ICT
- Evaluate an ICT-enabled service concept through semi-structured interviews
- Make informed choices on supporting technologies and platforms on infrastructure, middleware and application layer
- Design a valorization plan that explicitly covers how and when to involve external stakeholders in a design process
Education Method
Lectures, design project, presentations. Guest lecturers from industry.
Group essay = 3 EC; Group mockup = 1.25 EC, Individual reflection document = 0.75 EC

All three marks should be >5.75.

Participation in peer reviewing is mandatory but not graded.